digital literacy

my CV in a Prezi

Perhaps it would be useful in your field to put your CV in a Prezi. Here’s an example of mine, using one of Prezi’s many interesting templates.

what gets your attention? (part 2)

*See Part 1 of this discussion dated 12/22. So, assuming you see evidence of hyper attention in your students–and maybe even in yourself–how do you address that in your teaching, your creation of assignments, your expectations and setting of course… Read More ›

student work in digital environments

11-15-13 links in article updated. Yesterday I spoke to a group of faculty about options in our Blackboard 9.1 LMS that affect the visual appearance of the course site–menu options, color customizing, showing/hiding icons–and then we looked at the built-in… Read More ›

are you an edupunk?

You might be an edupunk, if you can’t stand any learning management system (e.g. Blackboard), no matter how many bells and whistles it has. Your institution might  have invested in all the add-ons, like blogs and wikis and embedded multimedia… Read More ›