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Lurking in MOOCs

That’s what I’m currently doing, lurking and being a bad student. Skipping class for weeks and then maybe showing up to have a look around. Not doing the assigned work, although this is so expected that the instructor tells the… Read More ›

audio: the forgotten media?

Today I do my Audacity and SoundCloud workshop, which in the last year has become my most  popular workshop. Who knew when I resurrected it last spring that audio could spark interest in a world overflowing with selfies and YouTubes… Read More ›

summer app exploring

OK, I have an iPad and maybe you don’t. Or maybe you have another app-using device/tablet, whatever we are calling them these days. Or maybe you have neither–but I’m going out on a limb and suggesting that we will all… Read More ›


Screen capture is ok if you want to capture a portion or even all of what you see on your screen, but if you want to capture a Web page that requires scrolling, is the quick and easy answer…. Read More ›