and some learning

Update 5/5/14: I dropped the course today and took a raincheck on taking it the next time it’s offered. Yes, I was paying for the certificate and they will let you try again later. I could not keep up with… Read More ›

or not

because the boat motor dies and you’re looking at three wasted vacation days But Michalak Marine saved two of my three days and we caught two muskies and saw about five. Missy discovered that fishing is not that fun because… Read More ›

What’s in a Name?

I’m having an opportunity to rethink workshop offerings in the fall (and maybe summer)–in fact I’m rethinking the moniker workshop in some cases, because it doesn’t always fit the content of the session and it’s way overdue for a facelift…. Read More ›

unlearning formulas

Steve Wheeler gathers a few sources on unlearning in his short but effective blog post, “Learning, Unlearning and Relearning.” He cites a futurologist, a philosopher, and, as far as I can make out, a gamer interested in brain science. Anyway,… Read More ›

why Twitter works for me

I was asked recently, on Twitter, which social media platform I prefer, and the answer was easy, not only because I’m taking an extended break from Facebook. @BryanAlexander I like Twitter for the lower commitment to conversation and as more… Read More ›