Holiday Reading?

Summer isn’t the only time for reading, especially if you work all summer like I do. My holiday break is short, but I am at least going to try to read two things: iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide and Richard… Read More ›

you lost me at the job promise

Interesting article in the recent EDUCAUSE Review, by the new Chancellor of WGU Texas, Mark David Milliron, “An Open Letter to Students: You’re the Game Changer in Next-Generation Learning.” Some smart rhetoric, given his largely academic audience in this publication,… Read More ›

priorities take priority

I’m not going to teach as an adjunct anymore, at least not as a supplement to my full-time position. I have a number of reasons, with two particular ones rising to the top: It’s clear to me, whether or not… Read More ›

the grade is the bummer

Just finished commenting on my students’ drafts in their wikis, adding my comments to theirs, so that each writer has at least three sets of comments. Aside from the ease of writing in the wiki, I like the conversation about… Read More ›

my students do optional :-p

Such an annoying mantra from some instructional designers who have never taught a college course that “students don’t do optional.” That always precedes the recommendation that every little bit of course material be given points to inspire what usually amounts… Read More ›

lectures on the ropes

More one-two punches to the breadbasket for the poor old college lecture. Most recently, Jeff Young at the Chronicle has collected (and is still collecting) opinions from both faculty and students about whether the lecture is worthwhile. Among the typical… Read More ›