mobile learning

Lurking in MOOCs

That’s what I’m currently doing, lurking and being a bad student. Skipping class for weeks and then maybe showing up to have a look around. Not doing the assigned work, although this is so expected that the instructor tells the… Read More ›

lectures on the ropes

More one-two punches to the breadbasket for the poor old college lecture. Most recently, Jeff Young at the Chronicle has collected (and is still collecting) opinions from both faculty and students about whether the lecture is worthwhile. Among the typical… Read More ›

moving toward mobile, slowly

At an NMC webinar this morning on using technologies in STEM education development in Africa, there were a number of alarming statistics noted, such as that there are about 2012 local languages to address with educational content, that class size… Read More ›

what gets your attention? (part 2)

*See Part 1 of this discussion dated 12/22. So, assuming you see evidence of hyper attention in your students–and maybe even in yourself–how do you address that in your teaching, your creation of assignments, your expectations and setting of course… Read More ›

whither the professoriate?

In my last post, I referred to a couple of EDUCAUSE 2011 speakers, Seth Godin and Anya Kamenetz, who offered a vision of the current educational landscape that I interpreted as a kind of chaos or wild west of free/open… Read More ›

summer app exploring

OK, I have an iPad and maybe you don’t. Or maybe you have another app-using device/tablet, whatever we are calling them these days. Or maybe you have neither–but I’m going out on a limb and suggesting that we will all… Read More ›