Adventures in a Pop Art MOOC

I finished the Warhol MOOC in Coursera, which unfortunately ended with me having to evaluate three student essays, a job I detested for pay, so was not happy about doing for free. Well, not totally unhappy either, since they use… Read More ›

analysis, ICYMI

I enjoyed reading articles and books about literature, including literary theory, more than reading the literature itself. How did that affect my teaching when literature was the subject? Not sure, but I know it frustrated me to no end when… Read More ›

priorities take priority

I’m not going to teach as an adjunct anymore, at least not as a supplement to my full-time position. I have a number of reasons, with two particular ones rising to the top: It’s clear to me, whether or not… Read More ›

lectures on the ropes

More one-two punches to the breadbasket for the poor old college lecture. Most recently, Jeff Young at the Chronicle has collected (and is still collecting) opinions from both faculty and students about whether the lecture is worthwhile. Among the typical… Read More ›

the hard work of flipped classrooms

There is a lot of interest in the so-called flipped classroom, or as this recent Chronicle article calls it, the inverted classroom: “Resistance to the Inverted Classroom Can Show Up Anywhere.” Whatever you call it, though, the metaphor of turning… Read More ›