student-centered learning

Adventures in a Pop Art MOOC

I finished the Warhol MOOC in Coursera, which unfortunately ended with me having to evaluate three student essays, a job I detested for pay, so was not happy about doing for free. Well, not totally unhappy either, since they use… Read More ›

you lost me at the job promise

Interesting article in the recent EDUCAUSE Review, by the new Chancellor of WGU Texas, Mark David Milliron, “An Open Letter to Students: You’re the Game Changer in Next-Generation Learning.” Some smart rhetoric, given his largely academic audience in this publication,… Read More ›

what gets your attention? (part 2)

*See Part 1 of this discussion dated 12/22. So, assuming you see evidence of hyper attention in your students–and maybe even in yourself–how do you address that in your teaching, your creation of assignments, your expectations and setting of course… Read More ›

whither the professoriate?

In my last post, I referred to a couple of EDUCAUSE 2011 speakers, Seth Godin and Anya Kamenetz, who offered a vision of the current educational landscape that I interpreted as a kind of chaos or wild west of free/open… Read More ›

student work in digital environments

11-15-13 links in article updated. Yesterday I spoke to a group of faculty about options in our Blackboard 9.1 LMS that affect the visual appearance of the course site–menu options, color customizing, showing/hiding icons–and then we looked at the built-in… Read More ›

guiding student research in 2010

The Chronicle, “Research-Assignment Handouts Give Students Meager Guidance, Survey Finds,” reviews the results of the latest survey from Project Information Literacy, finding that we are handing out assignments to create research without enough information to accomplish it. Here’s a case… Read More ›

summer reruns

Remember the introduction of the 2010 Horizon Report? Maybe you didn’t have time to look at it in January so here it is again in the summer rerun season (the YouTube is new addition): Download the 2010 Horizon Report here:… Read More ›

here it is, again

Here’s that new semester, the fall renewal, even though it’s still pretty hot outside. We are all excited about starting up again, before the complexity of courses, grading, student conferences, and committee work start to fill up all those moments… Read More ›

writing, revising, and a record of it

Thanks to Gardner Campbell for recommending this short, but fascinating, video about one Wikipedia page transformation over time: Jon Udell: Heavy metal umlaut (temporary link until the original one becomes available again). The evolution from single sentence to accepted full… Read More ›

technology for whom?

It’s encouraging to hear that the new administration is calling for “an investment in technology” in education, but what are you thinking when you hear that and how do you put it into action? Too often, as faculty, we don’t… Read More ›