I think I’m just going to let higher ed be higher ed—whatever that is these days and for however long it lasts. It’s not that I couldn’t continue to write about it, as many outsiders still do, but I am… Read More ›

You and Your Blog: A Love Story

I dressed the site in creamsicle for the summer. Education is a making endeavor and that’s the fun of it. Whether we’re making valentines in kindergarten, musical plays in grade school, or robots for the science fair in high school,… Read More ›

LMS support fills the day

I have to say that my current job, from which I retire soon, is only sporadically rewarding. Far too few are the conversations with faculty about translating a face-to-face course for an online presentation, or about how to use specific… Read More ›

and some learning

Update 5/5/14: I dropped the course today and took a raincheck on taking it the next time it’s offered. Yes, I was paying for the certificate and they will let you try again later. I could not keep up with… Read More ›

or put your audio file here

Following my Audacity workshop, I offer one of those and-here’s-another-place-you-can-put-your-audio-files workshops: Prezi with Audio. Especially as an alternative to those Flash Adobe Presenter presentations that you can’t make on a Mac—probably because of some weird Microsoft deal where we can… Read More ›

audio: the forgotten media?

Today I do my Audacity and SoundCloud workshop, which in the last year has become my most  popular workshop. Who knew when I resurrected it last spring that audio could spark interest in a world overflowing with selfies and YouTubes… Read More ›

Storify for Essay Drafting

In my workshop on Curation Tools, I work up from ones that work almost automatically ( to ones that require more attention or curation (Pinterest,,, finally to Storify, which while it could be used simply to aggregate resources… Read More ›