Web 2.0

I like Blackboard

Enough about introverts, already. I’m coming out and saying it: I like Blackboard, the much maligned learning management system that is the big dog in the market. I can’t claim to understand its business practices, but I think it works… Read More ›

guiding student research in 2010

The Chronicle, “Research-Assignment Handouts Give Students Meager Guidance, Survey Finds,” reviews the results of the latest survey from Project Information Literacy, finding that we are handing out assignments to create research without enough information to accomplish it. Here’s a case… Read More ›

eportfolio tools

Creating eportfolios as a course project is a good way to engage students in their coursework, if you present the eportfolio as an exercise in digital storytelling–specifically the story of their work and progress. If your institution has a campus-wide… Read More ›

love the cloud, fear the cloud

I had two interesting experiences with clouds yesterday–as in those spaces on the Internet where you can access software as a service (SaaS) and store files, for example. I sync my Outlook calendar (Entourage, really, on my Mac) with my… Read More ›

technology for whom?

It’s encouraging to hear that the new administration is calling for “an investment in technology” in education, but what are you thinking when you hear that and how do you put it into action? Too often, as faculty, we don’t… Read More ›

there are Pilots and pilots

You’re all familiar with college pilots of technologies that are being considered for campus-wide adoption–those are the pilots with a capital P that seem to drag out over a good portion of a year, all with the best intentions, not… Read More ›

cartoon videos

I think you knew after seeing my ToonDoo cartoons that I would be up for the next opportunity to create a little narrative, as long as I don’t have to draw–that would be ugly! From xtranormal.com comes my first film,… Read More ›