LMS support fills the day

I have to say that my current job, from which I retire soon, is only sporadically rewarding. Far too few are the conversations with faculty about translating a face-to-face course for an online presentation, or about how to use specific… Read More ›

guiding student research in 2010

The Chronicle, “Research-Assignment Handouts Give Students Meager Guidance, Survey Finds,” reviews the results of the latest survey from Project Information Literacy, finding that we are handing out assignments to create research without enough information to accomplish it. Here’s a case… Read More ›

form follows function?

I missed last Friday’s post because of all-day training with WIDS software, so I guess I should talk about such software and its application in course and program development. WIDS (Worldwide Instructional Design System) allows you to generate documents from… Read More ›

read about Labor Day

If you’re not at a picnic this weekend, read up on the history of Labor Day and think about the role of technology in all our work. Watch the 6 videos on the site, too.