In the meantime…read these

Lately, every time I have an idea about teaching or technology, I start a draft post and then abandon it before trashing it completely. Obviously that feeling of being irrelevant in retirement came on faster than I thought it would,… Read More ›

analysis, ICYMI

I enjoyed reading articles and books about literature, including literary theory, more than reading the literature itself. How did that affect my teaching when literature was the subject? Not sure, but I know it frustrated me to no end when… Read More ›

Holiday Reading?

Summer isn’t the only time for reading, especially if you work all summer like I do. My holiday break is short, but I am at least going to try to read two things: iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide and Richard… Read More ›

to read or not to read

Where are you when you hear interesting ideas? Whoa! Don’t trot out your reading list of journals and organizations. You know that sometimes, as diligent as you are to read the high-brow articles and slosh through the low-brow culture of… Read More ›