TechCrunch asks about our place in the Hype Cycle

Read the post on TechCrunch first.

I like Gartner’s labeling of the hype trajectory, particularly the “peak of inflated expectations” followed by the “trough of disillusionment.” You might be surprised by what technologies they have still climbing up to the “peak” and which are already on their way to “enlightenment.” Do you agree with Gartner? I think I’d mostly like to be on that climbing side of the peak. You?


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  1. I feel the chart may be correct for the people in technology hubs and big cities. However, many people still do not have inexpensive broadband access.
    One big example are location aware technologies. Some are dependant on WiMax or WiFi routers. Both WiFi and WiMax are not available in many locations in Erie. How can a technology be on the slope of enlightenment when it is still stranger to many markets.
    I want my Pac-Man in the streets.


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