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Lately, every time I have an idea about teaching or technology, I start a draft post and then abandon it before trashing it completely. Obviously that feeling of being irrelevant in retirement came on faster than I thought it would, aided by my having been pretty much a failure in academia, no doubt. I’m not ready to give up the ghost on this site, but in the meantime, read the ideas of these people:

American Literature/American Studies:

Ben Raillton, American Studies

Teaching and technology:

Jesse Stommel—pedagogy and digital humanities

Hybrid Pedagogy—a digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology

Jim Groom at bavatuesdays

Educational technology news:

Bryan Alexander—trends both current and future

Audrey Watters—Hack Education

Teaching as a profession and higher ed:

Gardner Campbell at Gardner Writes

Jonathan Rees at More or Less Bunk


I think I’ll be back, but not sure as what

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