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link to meka.netHave you or your department or organization been thinking about creating a digital scholarly project, but don’t know how to design or host such a project? hosts such projects, much like hosts blogs. Visit some of their showcase sites to see if Omeka is right for your project. Because their focus is on scholarly work, the design themes have the kind of sophistication your project deserves.

There is a basic free option with a good amount of storage (500 MB), but even the paid options are pretty reasonable, even for individuals.

Just as is related to, there is an for those interested in self-hosting. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the showcase sites at are primarily from institutional repositories, like libraries, but they are worth a look if your institution is in the market for such a project and has the technical support necessary to run such a site.

It would be fun to work on such a project, at least my idea of fun.


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  1. I had no idea. This is fantastic! Thank ye.


  2. Here’s one great example of a project on the showcase:

    Where was the Internet when I was in college?


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